Should I Hire An Employee Or A Digital eCommerce Agency?

Many businesses debate hiring an in-house marketing employee with hiring an external agency. Although there is definite value in adding internal staff, we find that hiring an external partner provides more return for a smaller annual investment. For example, let's look at the breakdown below:

1 Year Expenses
Internal Marketing Employee
Companies typically have two options when hiring internal employees: specialists or generalists. Specialists provide value because they have a high level of understanding about a specific area. However, their bandwidth to perform tasks outside of this area. will be lower and require additional training.

By contrast, generalists are able to perform many different kinds of tasks at a lower level. This can help businesses accomplish more, but generalists lack refined skill sets that can help them move the needle.


Estimated Average Annual Salary: $ 70,000
Estimated Average Annual Benefits: $ 14,000
Estimated Average Annual Training, On-boarding and Equipment: $ 5,000
Total: $ 89,000

External Agency Partner
With an agency, you gain access to an entire team of highly skilled specialists. As a result, this unrivaled expertise can help your business grow with a smaller investment. With an inbound marketing retainer at Groove Commerce, you' ll gain access to the following:

Digital Strategists
Interactive Designers
Front-End and Back-End Developers
Dedicated Account Managers
Estimated Total Annual Marketing Retainer: $ 84,000
Full-service administrative are cost effective because you don't have to worry about extra expenses, which also gives you more control over your budget.

Granted, both scenarios can go up or down depending on your needs and investment. However, we find that intervention are able to provide more value for the investment than in-house employees.

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